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Bummer, Your Appointment Has Been Canceled!

Sorry to hear you had to cancel the call! We understand life can get in the way. But if you would like to reschedule another call, please click here to book another call.

You MADE my day Tracy Stonaker- thank you for helping me to make the most of this program without driving myself and everyone around me nuts! I wanted to do this course mostly to lessen my anxiety and stress. This course has been a life changer for me at a time when I really needed it. It has helped me to see how I have caused dis-ease in my life. I am clearer about how and why I need to bring ease into my life. I am so STOKED !!! Tracy is a wonderful coach. She really helped me to see the small changes and shifts in perspective I could make to feel successful. I really feel like a new person!

Tina D.

Tracy Stonaker thank you for your compassionate coaching…you know the challenges I’ve been dealing with, and you got it! Sitting here this morning and I’ve spent (over!) 2 hours catching up on the course and chose to put that – and my health – before anything else. I am blessed to have been able to do that. Thank you for honoring and validating my need to process last weekend and all the over eating that entailed most definitely getting back on track, feeling more grounded and clear. I am so thankful for Tracy Stonaker – we have just had a fantastic coaching call and I am left feeling inspired, uplifted and VERY proud of myself!! “Cheers Tracy!” Tracy Stonaker – thanks again – great support! Xx

Serena M.

Tracy is the best! Honestly. She is kind, dedicated, gritty and truthful. Her attitude is real and she teaches from a place of living and growing within her own life. She reminds us that we are all different and therefore each of us has unique needs. Working with Tracy has taught me that my body changes on a daily basis. She has helped me understand how the presence (or lack thereof ) stress, sleep, food, environment and attitude, can trigger my body to be stiff or loose, painful or pain -free. Every day it changes! The root of her teachings is based in traditional yoga and Ayurveda but she combines them with the understanding that we have busy and unpredictable lives. She doesn’t ask for you to be perfect. Her teachings are about being honest with yourself and bringing a consistent practice into your life that is obtainable, as this is the foundation we all need to be the best versions of ourselves.

Sarah C.

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