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How to habit hack your way to balanced and badass!

Here’s the short n’ sweet of what will go down in this FREE video MasterClass:

  • Why a “one size fits all” approach to Health and Wellbeing is the exact wrong strategy and how understanding your unique body type and having a personalized approach is the key to gaining more clarity and energy.
  • How to build your energy reserves so you don’t burn out.
  • Learn how to reduce stress and eliminate fatigue by adopting habits that will upgrade your internal operating system and optimize your life.
  • Why you can’t fully trust conventional healthcare and how to take control of your own wellbeing.
  • How to step into your personal power and experience ultimate vitality and longevity, even if you feel totally drained and overwhelmed.
  • And better yet, how to do all of this while opening up free time to do what you love and become the most radiant kickass version of yourself.

Presented by

Tracy J Stonaker

habit hacker
integrative yoga and ayurveda practitioner

  • sacred and sarcastic
  • fun and functional
  • balanced and BADASS

I’m describing my approach, but I’m also describing the future YOU!

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